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posted on February 01, 2012

Toronto City Hall's Budget Committee says 'Suffer the Children'

By: Elizabeth Littlejohn
Published: December 16, 2011
Source: http://rabble.ca

I was deputant #155 on the morning of Dec. 8 at Toronto's City Hall. Sporting goggles on my head, I pleaded for funding not to be slashed from MacGregor Park's wading pool in my Ward 18 neighbourhood. From behind the mic, I witnessed the tactics of the budget committee, led in its charge by budget chief, Mike Del Grande, who was flanked by Councillor Doug Ford, with Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti in the rear, as they ruthlessly interrogated the deputants on how they would generate revenue for the City.



Comments from the neighbourhood regarding "Wading Pool Closing"

L. D. wrote on 06/12/2011 8:11 pm

Hello Friends,

I wrote some of you a few days ago, warning you of the City's plan's to close MacGregor Wading Pool. This is information was just recently released and is being rushed through budget committee tomorrow. I'm sure there are several items in the 2012 budget, that are being contested, and this one, is in our backyard.

One of the reason's put forward, for MacGregor having been recommended for closing is attendance.

We all know this simply isn't true. It's a growing community hub, with increased attendance for the past 6 years. In the summer it plays host to our local daycare Brock, Children's Network and local daytime programs, looking for a place for the kids to cool off. Neighbourhood kids come and go all day, with local grandparents, moms and dads taking time getting to know one another as the kids swim, play, or take part in one of the varied pool side activities: arts n' crafts, cooking, gardening etc..

If you haven't already please take some time to write a letter or compose some comments to send to:

deputations are now closed, but to have your comments on the record write to: buc@toronto.ca
re: bu19.ca, please cc

our councillor councillor_bailao@toronto.ca
and her executive assitant: brootmc@toronto.ca
(both are cc'd above)


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