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Welcome to the park gardens page. If you would like to participate in gardening at the park or in the maintenance of this website, or if you have any questions or comments, please contact annag@dufferinpark.ca

MacGregor has a nice mix of edible, native and decorative plants throughout the park. Strawberries line the front garden beds, along with a fruit tree grove along the hedges. Concrete blockers, along the NW corner were reclaimed in 2007 and carry a variety of herbs, native species and medicinal plants.

The drop-in garden club helps maintain these gardens, and is open to everyone. If you are interested and would like to be on our weekly newsletter mailout please contact michelle@dufferinpark.ca. Weekly we will be building garden beds, seed, weeding, pruning, watering and anything that needs doing in the gardens. Feel free to drop in during garden times, to help, share some tips, new plant and garden ideas with staff that are on hand.

Gardens 2013

MacGregor Garden Club 2013

Mondays 6-8pm every Monday from May to the end of September
Thursdays 1-3pm every Thursday in June, in summer we'll switch because of the heat
Thursdays 10am-noon in July and August

If you would like to book a school or group visit, please send us an email, to book a time, we would love the help

Please email annag@dufferinpark.ca or michelle@dufferinpark.ca to sign up for our gardening newsletter to get weekly updates on what we are doing in the gardens

Macgregor Garden Project Newsletter

Week of June 12, 2013

Dear Friends of the Fledgling Macgregor Garden,

Things are really gearing up in the park these days!

Although the gardening drop-in was rained out on Monday, there have still been major changes. Our compost and mulch deliveries arrived from the City, so the path-making has begun and the new garden beds have been fully prepped. One of them has sunflowers growing in it, while the rest await their vegetable seeds and seedlings to be planted this week!

The concrete planters at the north-east corner of the park are slowly coming into their full glory. The strawberries are finally ready to be harvested, while the little green beginnings of Highbush cranberries and service berries (yum!) can be seen amongst the leaves. Volunteers this week can expect to help plan the layout of the new beds and plant seeds and seedlings in them, help install the new garden sign, finish the garden path, harvest strawberries, and weed and water the concrete planters.

All this rain has been lovely for the plants, but it's time for something lovely for the gardeners! We look forwards to seeing you in the sunshine that is surely awaiting us.

If you or someone you know would like to be added to the permanent mailing list, or if you no longer want to receive e-mails from us, please let me know.

Sincerely,Ava Lightbody


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