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MacGregor Park

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Welcome to the park gardens page. If you would like to participate in gardening at the park or in the maintenance of this website, or if you have any questions or comments, please contact macgregorparkstaff@gmail.com


MacGregor has a nice mix of edible, native and decorative plants throughout the park. Strawberries line the front garden beds, along with a fruit tree grove along the hedges. Concrete blockers, along the NW corner were reclaimed in 2007 and carry a variety of herbs, native species and medicinal plants.

The drop-in garden club helps maintain these gardens, and is open to everyone. If you are interested and would like to be on our weekly newsletter mailout please contact macgregorparkstaff@gmail.com . Weekly we will be building garden beds, seed, weeding, pruning, watering and anything that needs doing in the gardens. Feel free to drop in during garden times, to help, share some tips, new plant and garden ideas with staff that are on hand.

Gardens 2014

Creating an Accessible - Inclusive - AND - Barrier-Free Teaching Garden


Accessible and barrier free gardens provide an opportunity for everyone to garden. These gardens remove physical barriers that prevent people with mobility or sensory challenges from taking part. Our project this year will show the steps we will be taking of planning and designing an inclusive, “barrier free” garden. This guide is another step along the path of building an inclusive, accessible and barrier free community involved garden.
Our goal is to design and build our communities of gardens, whether they be for teaching or a community group, so that we may help people in our neighbourhood to experience a sense of belonging and feel more secure. We also hope it will help people get around and exercise more despite activity limitations. And this we know improves overall health.

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