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MacGregor Park Art Club

The MacGregor Park Art Club was formed out of a 12 months Artist Residency for artist Kristen Fahrig in MacGregor Park. This residency saw the park through a year of arts programming which was completed at the end of the October 2006.

The Art Club meets on Saturday afternoons at the field house. We create art together that leads up to celebratory events in the park according to the natural cycle of the seasons and the plants, with the aims of nourishment, beautification and community involvement.

A solid group of artists have now developed a dynamic collaborative process through working together at the park. Our community connections strengthen as we make history together.

Artistic Director
Kristen Fahrig
(416) 576 9009

Community Outreach
Elizabeth Littlejohn

Event Logistics
Lorraine Maltese

Associated Artists
Kate Cayley, Cooking Fire Theatre Festival
Jane Wells, Theatre Director, Writer & Storyteller
Maninho Costa, Director, Bloco Batucada Carioca (Sambista)
Tatjana Hutinec, Visual Artist, Special Effects Costume & Props for Film
Luciano Porto, Musician, Molumbo Groove
Jaclyn Buckley, Dancer, Teacher, Choreographer
Utano Yo, Community Art & Environmental Studies student, York University
Maylee Todd, Music & Improv.
Tiiu Millistver, Music
Lesley Norgate, Visual Artist

Toronto Arts Council
City of Toronto Neighbourhood Beautification Program
Ontario Arts Council
Canada Council for the Arts



Art Club 2014

Halloween Poster

Spring Programs:

Saturday, June 21, 10:am 4:00pm &

Canada Day, Tuesday July 1st, 10:am 4:00pm

Blacksmithing Demonstrations in the Park

MacGregor Park Art Club presents a series of demonstrations on the art of blacksmithing with Dave Brandow1 and Sandra Dunn2 They will be demonstrating traditional blacksmithing joinery techniques, slitting & drifting, punching & riveting as well as creating decorative forged elements. There will be two demos in the spring and two in the fall with the arbor assembled on site at the last event. The Arbour/Archway will be designed and engineered with the intention that it will be permanently installed in the park.

Information will be made available to the public about the history & process of blacksmithing, how to contact artist blacksmiths in Ontario and the types of work they are producing from architectural, sculpture, art knives, armor and decorative artworks large & small. Listings of schools and other ways of gaining skills as a blacksmith, organizations and meets in North America as well as a Bibliography of websites, videos and books.

Skateboad Design & Build Workshops for Youth

MacGregor Park Art Club joins with Ecole Secondaire Toronto Ouest to offer two afterschool workshops for youth.

*1. Skateboard Buiilding and Painting with Artist Lissa Brunet

From: April 29, to June 17
Date: Tuesday, 3:30-5:30pm
location: Toronto Ouest, 330 Lansdowne Avenue, South entrance.

*2. Designing a Skateboard Park with Gordie Wornoff

From: April 29, to June 17
Date: Tuesday, 3:30-5:30pm
location: Toronto Ouest, 330 Lansdowne Avenue, South entrance.
An exhibition and celebration of the resulting art and designs will be held in the MacGregor Park Fieldhouse Gallery on June 21st, 2014.

Free Registration Required Funded by the Toronto Arts Council

For information please contact: Kristen Fahrig, Artistic Director;MacGregor Park Art Club.

email: macgregorparkartclub@gmail.com tel: 416 576 9009

1. President; Ontario Artist Blacksmith Association 2.Owner; Two Smiths

Funded by the Ontario Arts Council



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